Totally Absurd


What is going on? WordPress has two — count ’em, two — one word Daily Prompts today. The first was for the word “paragon.” This latest one is for the word “total.” I already responded to the first prompt. Now they throw another prompt at me.

This is totally unprecedented. We are swimming in uncharted waters. Traditional norms of behavior and decorum are being violated.

Oh wait, that’s the Trump administration.

Still, what is going on with WordPress having two one-word prompts on the same day? Don’t they realize that I have a better thing to do today than respond to all of their silly daily prompts?

What a total absurdity!



Today’s one-word Daily Prompt gives us the word “paragon.” While it’s an interesting word, one that means a model of excellence or an exceptional person, it doesn’t seem to fit with most similar three-syllable words ending with the letters gon.

Many such words, such as hexagon, octagon, polygon, decagon, and nonagon, represent geometrical shapes. Even the word “parigon,” which sounds like and is very close in spelling to “paragon,” is a shape. It’s an angle of 360 degrees.

And let’s not forget words like pentagon, heptagon, and tetragon. Again, all geometric shapes.

But the word paragon is not a geometric shape. So in order to stay on topic, let’s talk about that word.

Okay, the truth is I have nothing to say about the word paragon. So much for today’s one-word daily post. I guess I’ll have wait to see what they come up with tomorrow.