Trump-Colored Glasses

trump colored glasses

According to one brainwashed — or brain dead — Trumpster on Facebook, there are ten key “learnings” from James Comey’s testimony at Thursday’s open senate hearing. In this post I’m going to show his top ten items, each one followed by the reality of what we actually learned.

  1. Trump was never under investigation.
    Reality: Comey told Trump that he wasn’t personally under investigation at the time. But that doesn’t mean he is not currently the subject of recently appointed special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry into any potential criminal wrongdoings by Trump and members of his campaign and/or administration.
  2. Trump did not obstruct justice.
    Reality: While Comey refused to render his own legal opinion as to whether Trump obstructed justice by his actions, most constitutional scholars and lawyers believe there is clear and ample evidence of obstruction.
  3. Trump did not collude with Russia.
    Reality: Comey definitively said that there was Russian interference with the election and that there is substantial evidence that there were numerous meetings and calls between member of the Trump campaign and transition team and Russian officials, many of which contacts went unreported. The focus of Mueller’s investigation is to determine if there was, in fact, collusion.
  4. Russia did not alter the election outcome.
    Reality: Comey said that he is certain that Russia was behind the hacking, the Wikileaks, and the fake news. And while he can’t (or won’t) say that these definitively changed the election outcome, he did say that all of that hacking, leaking, and fake news was intended to help Trump and hurt Clinton.
  5. Comey leaked his own memo.
    Reality: Yes, he did, but only after Trump tweeted about there being tapes of his meeting with Comey. Comey wanted to get the information out to the press because he was concerned that Trump would lie about what the two of them discussed.
  6. Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to cover for Hillary Clinton.
    Reality: Lynch apparently asked Comey to describe what the FBI was doing with respect to Clinton’s email server as a “matter,” rather than an “investigation.” I agree, that looks suspect.
  7. There was ample evidence to put Hillary in jail but Comey chose not to pursue it.
    Reality: No, there was not “ample evidence” to put Clinton in jail. That’s total bullshit. There’s now more evidence to put Trump in jail than there ever was to “lock her up.”
  8. CNN and other fake news outlets have been lying / making things up this entire time.
    Reality: Seriously? But Fox News, Breitbart, and InfoWars have been reporting truth, justice, and the American way the whole time? Right!
  9. The Democratic Party no longer has the ability to scream “RUSSIA” every time Trump tries to do something.
    Reality: Yes, the Democratic party — and every patriotic American who cares more about our country and our democracy than about the GOP and that narcissistic egomaniac in the White House — has the right to scream “Russia,” which Comey said is still involved in cyber espionage against our country.
  10. The Russia story is dead – any democrat who continue to push it will look foolish and insane to the American people.
    Reality: No, it’s not dead and all Republicans who continue to deny it are the ones who look foolish and insane to the majority of the American people (more of whom voted for Clinton than for Trump).

It’s disconcerting how many Trumpsters are looking at the world through Trump-colored glasses. But the one individual with the biggest set of Trump-colored glasses is Donald J. Trump. He tweeted today that, as a result of Comey’s testimony yesterday, Trump feels “totally and completely vindicated.”

Reality: Not even close, Donald.


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