Got a Second?

got a second

Don’t you hate it when you’re right in the middle of something, especially when that something requires a certain amount of focus and concentration — like drafting a blog post — and someone walks up to you and asks, “Got a second?”

When that happens to me, my fantasy response would be to say, “Sure, I’ve got a second.” Then I’d glance down at my watch, look back at the person who interrupted me, and say, “Oh sorry, time’s up.” Oh snap!

Sometimes I want to respond, “Are you blind or merely oblivious?” Seriously, can’t this person see that I’m busy working on something very important?

Even if the interrupter asks me if I’ve got a minute, rather than a second, by the time that individual explains what it is that he or she has so rudely interrupted me to ask or discuss, the minute is usually up.

But if I say no, I don’t have a second — or a minute — I’m the bad guy, right? I’m the one who is labeled as uncooperative, unhelpful.

Yet if I miss a deadline because I tried to be cooperative and helpful, but that “second” I was asked for turns out to be way longer, then it’s my ass that’s in a sling, not the ass of the guy who asked me if I’ve “got a second.”

So yeah, I hate it when someone asks me if I’ve got a second. Because it never is just a second … or a minute.

Am I being too literal?

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