Where is Everyone?


This is disheartening. I published my first post since starting this new blog three weeks ago and to-date I’ve only gotten only around 90 views, most of which are from one individual — me! I do have several brave followers and a handful of “likes,” but no one, as far as I can tell, has visited my blog more than once.

So why, after only three weeks, am I disheartened? When I abandoned my last blog on WordPress two and a half years ago I had around 3,000 followers, including a few dozen or so who were “regular readers.” I was averaging between 50 and 100 page views a day, sometimes three or four times that many. My blog had well over 100,000 total views.

But that “success” took its toll. I was posting every single day — sometimes multiple times a day. I participated in a bunch of prompts from both WordPress and from other bloggers. My posts would get a lot of “likes” and comments. I would read the blogs of those who liked mine. I would comment on their posts and I would respond to comments on mine.

It was fun, but it was also time-consuming. All encompassing, actually. I became obsessed with and possessed by my blog. It was eating me alive. All that time spent posting, reading, and commenting almost cost me my marriage and my job. So I abruptly quit (my blog, not my marriage or my job).

Looking back, I recall that it did take about six months for my previous blog to start to gain traction. So I suppose I must be patient. Eventually, if I don’t quit again, some people will discover my sharp wit and extraordinary wisdom.

Or not. It really doesn’t matter, since I am blogging primarily to express myself and to, now that I’m retired, exercise my mind and creativity. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

Still, it would be nice to have some readers besides me and to get some feedback.